Negative on my lightbox

Sink Development Push/Pull Charts

As I get more organized, I am starting to create some push/pull times for development based on film stock andView full post »

Anna - Ilford HP5+ 4x5

Pulling Ilford HP5 Plus

Ilford HP5 Plus 400 (4×5) is very new to me, but I have heard how well it works with portrait work and how nicelyView full post »

Ilford Delta 100 + Blue Spectrum

Playing with Ilford Delta 100 and HP5+

Since I began shooting large format with just Ilford Delta 100, I wanted to see how Ilford HP5 Plus 400 behaved inView full post »

1941 Remette / Fujinon 90 / 4x5

Exposure Values for Zone III and Reciprocity Calculations

EV Values for Zone III Calculations A couple weeks ago I began to talk about my metering technique for the Zone System.View full post »

Plaubel-Makina 670

Still Life in Large Format

Today’s post is just a progress update on learning 4×5, To put it out there, by no means am I a studio orView full post »

Large Format View Camera Movements

To continue with my adventure into large format photography I will be stepping into the camera movements. I plan toView full post »

Old Portsmouth on 4x5

Old Portsmouth

In a nod to Atget, I took the Chamonix 45n-2 off to Old Portsmouth in New Hampshire to 1) capture a few scenes in hisView full post »

Large Format B&W Scanning with the Epson V700

This post isn’t about the only way or the best way to scan. Rather, this is my exploration into scanning with theView full post »

Zone Metering with the Pentax V Spot Meter

Zone Metering was a technique made famous by Ansel Adams and Fred Archer. It’s fairly new to me, so I am using itView full post »

Chamonix 45n-2 Review (Large Format)

Behold the Chamonix 45n-2. After just a few rolls on the Graflex Century Grafic (a 2×3 view camera) I was hookedView full post »

Chamonix – First Click

As I work on my first proper review of my new Chamonix 45n-2 large format camera, I quickly want to share my experienceView full post »

Eugène Atget

Eugène Atget

Chiffonier, 1899 What is photographic perfection to you? Is it a technically sound image? Perhaps something thatView full post »