Color PAC with Richard Photo Lab

For the past year or so I had been thinking about creating my own Richard Photo Lab Color PAC file. I’ve beenView full post »

ZeroImage Pinhole

Pinhole Photography with the Zero Image 2000

Pinhole photography, though one of the oldest forms out there, is a brand new “technology” to me. I haveView full post »

Canon AE-1 Giveaway

The Canon AE-1 Giveaway

It’s that giveaway time of the year and this time we’re going BIG with the iconic Canon AE-1, 2 CanonView full post »

New York City Photo Walk

I finally got to give New York City justice with the Plaubel-Makina 670 last weekend during #NYCWLK, an event createdView full post »

Double Exposure Test - Wide Open

Review of the Nikon S3 Limited Edition Rangefinder and 50/1.4

The Nikon S3 2000 Limited Edition rangefinder is something I have been coveting since I first began film photography.View full post »

Cinestill 50D Review

Cinestill 50D Film Review

Several hours before the crack of dawn, I loaded up my Leica M2 with a roll of Cinestill 50D which was sent to me byView full post »

Top film camera list

20 Film Cameras for any Budget

Information about the purchase of film cameras are some of the most common requests I get through my blog and TwitterView full post »

Portra 400 on Plaubel-Makina 670 in Bermuda

Bermuda in Medium Format

For our 20th wedding anniversary, Linda and I set sail (aboard the Norwegian Dawn) for a week of R&R – rumView full post »

Casco Bay Mailboat Run

Finally, a proper test of the Plaubel-Makina 670 happened a couple weeks ago when my cousins and I headed up toView full post »

The Nice Guy from Rye

It’s 4:15am on a bone-chilling spring morning where winter is still holding its icy grip on the partially frozenView full post »

Plaubel-Makina 670 Review in New York City

So, after telling you all that I was “done buying cameras forever” with the purchase of the Leica M-A, whatView full post »

Fishing Squid – Cape Cod

When you get an opportunity to fish squid, you take it. I once again got a chance to head out on the F/V Rimrack withView full post »