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The artisan baker rises before the sun to fire up the brick ovens in her cozy corner shop. While the ovens warm, she opens the blinds to let the morning light fill the shop as she wipes down the two inviting tables nestled down by the windows. In small batches, she begins preparing the offerings of the day ingrained with the love of her trade. She opens the shop door to let the fragrant aroma waft into the street announcing the morning like a rooster poised atop the metal barn roof.  A regular walks into the shop, nose filled with the warm aroma of fresh baked breads as she greets him by name with a smile. She wraps the still warm breads in thick brown paper and secures the package with a length of red and white twine as they share a cup of coffee over pleasent conversation.

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  • Finely stated, Ray! I have the privilege that at least part of what I do for a living has this “artisan” touch and is satisfying in this regard (and this without rising before dawn ;)). Otherwise I would have similar sentiments about photography, I think.ReplyCancel

    • Thank you Christian – it’s nice you have a chunk of your life living the lifestyle! :)ReplyCancel

      • Well, it is a digital lifestyle, not analog (I should have made this clear ;)). For me it does not have to be material, but sometimes it leads to “tangible” products, so it kind of fits here, I think. I would like to have photography as a part of it too, but it is not (perhaps yet – who knows …).ReplyCancel

  • Dev Samaddar

    Very nice. Now take it to the next level by developing at home. And if you are like my father, by creating your own solutions with metol, hydrquinone or whatever the heck he used (I wasn’t allowed to touch…)ReplyCancel

    • I do my B&W at home – but really love the work the lab is doing right now – but in the future, who knows?ReplyCancel