20 Film Cameras for any Budget

Information about the purchase of film cameras are some of the most common requests I get through my blog and Twitter account. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but will cover some of the bodies I've either shot or researched heavily in the past. The prices I indicate below are ballpark and for the most part, body only unless indicated otherwise. Also, this list is only dealing with used film bodies - as I feel that's where there's the most bang for the buck.

NOTE: This will be getting re-vamped summer 2017 with an updated list.

Starving Artist Film (35mm)

If you are looking at a super-affordable way to break into film photography, you can either go the free route or pretty damned close to that, these budget beauties:

Budget 35mm Film Cameras

If you're looking to jump into film photography without breaking the bank, here are a handful of used cameras that can be had in the $100+ range:

Recommended 35mm Film Cameras

Willing to spend a little more on a set-up, these are my thoughts on excellent 35mm film cameras:

Budget Medium Format (120) Film Cameras

If you want to break into medium format, these bodies can get you going:

Recommended Medium Format (120) Film Cameras

Here are my coveted medium format film cameras for you to ponder:

Once you make your way through this and choose your film weapon of choice, I suggest pairing it up with a good nifty 50mm (35mm format) or 80mm (120 format) lens and a kicking light-meter. Since what you're buying off this list is most likely old, it may or may not have a light-meter that may or may not function properly. Also, wouldn't hurt to invest in a good CLA.

Feel free to drop me a line to your suggestions add to the list.