30 Day Unplug

Right now I am gearing up for a month-long trip to New Zealand, and over the duration of that trip, I am planning to be mostly unplugged for another round of digital detoxing. What better time than during a month of hiking and traveling inside a gorgeous landscape? I won't be 100% unplugged, but I think it'll be pretty close.

 Ray Larose - Portsmouth

No Internet, No TV

I am not bringing a laptop with me, so the major unplugging will be with internet and TV. I will not go online for anything or watch any TV in my hotel rooms as I adventure around the islands. My entertainment will be Mother Nature from sun up to sun down and a pile of books at night as I let my mind unwind from the stresses of work and an always connected life. If I want to catch some news, I'll grab a paper, or better yet, talk with the locals in a cafe over a "flat white" coffee. But the goal is to avoid the news - man, who doesn't need a detox from that?

Limited Phone

Now, I will have a cell phone with me for a few main reasons on this trip, but its use will be very limited. I'll be uninstalling my social media (Instagram) and anything else that isn't necessary for my travels. These are the apps I will leave installed and why:

  • Qantas - I prefer to have digital tickets for my flights and not waste paper
  • Google Maps - I'll be in a foreign country, so opting for convenience of finding my hotels (15 in all) - though I hope to pick up a folding map for the car if I can.
  • Messages / Phone - Plan to use only on three occasions
  1. Coordinate when my wife arrives a week after me, to pick her up
  2. Coordinate when we set off to meet our daughter a week after that
  3. Will check phone messages once a week in case there's a meltdown at the office

Other than that, I hope to have the phone powered off at all other times. I'll have a proper camera with me, so won't need it for photos and so on. And Gmail will be disabled - that will most likely be my most twitchy move as I have never been unplugged from the office for any length of time.

Natural Food

The final piece of my 30 day traveling detox is a healthier diet. Looking to go all native and cut out booze and processed foods for the month. The country has a ton of farmers markets, so my first day there I have one I want to hit to load up on fruits and veggies to keep with me in the car as snacks and try to find healthy local foods for my meals. 

So, while not a 100% detox, I have a feeling this is going to do the mind, body, and soul so good. Especially being unplugged from the office and news for the duration. Will report back at the end of this!