B&W 30-Day Challenge

For the next 30 days or so, I am challenging myself to better understand black and white photography. I have always shied away from shooting B&W images on both film and digital unless it was for a client, for a photowalk, or so I could learn sink developing. It was even more rare that I shared a B&W image here or on my IG account. As black and white is a giant hole in my photography skill set, I am challenging myself to shoot only B&W the next 30 days with the hopes of being able to visualize a B&W photo before I take it and to learn to appreciate light and shadow in a B&W world.

Above is my first shot in the challenge, a sort of proof of concept. I wanted to see how the in-camera settings handled the gradients of black and white. With some trial and error, I really did like how everything was handled here and confirmed I could do this without the aide of Photoshop, Lightroom, or what have you. I really think the Fuji camera can nail the look I want. (I made this clickable so you could zoom in more).

As this challenge goes on, I plan to post my lessons learned - and my progress in being able to “see” in black and white and better appreciate the subtleties of how light and shadow interact.


For my self-imposed challenge, I am following this set of rules:

  • Camera: Fuji XPro2

  • Profile: Acros +R

  • Highlights: -1 / Shadows: +2 / Sharpness: +1 / Grain: off

  • No outside edits aside from resize to 5x7 - no cropping

So, what you will be seeing with this challenge is what I shot in camera and nothing more. I’ll be posting these on Instagram and perhaps I’ll update this post with the latest shots as well.

Anyone want to jump in on 30 days of only B&W?