Cape Porpoise with the Sony A7R II & RX1R II

Last week I took the Sony A7R II with the Zeiss Batis 85 and Loxia 21 (review pending) out, along with the Sony RX1R II to Cape Porpoise in southern Maine. The purpose, along with just getting out to shoot, was to give my current Sony / Zeiss kit a thorough workout.

It was an interesting experiment, seeing what I reached for the most. I was there with a variety of lens lengths to handle a variety of situations. I figured the Sony A7R II with the 21mm Loxia getting the big workout, being the widest with the sweeping views of the harbor. I assumed the Sony RX1 II with the 35mm Sonnar would be next - and little use of the Sony A7R II with the 85mm Batis.

Well, I was quite wrong.

Cape Porpoise with the Sony A7RII and Zeiss Batis 85mm

My go to lens while out there was actually the Batis. I loved getting the detail shots of all the boats, dingy's and scenery with that lens. The creamy bokeh is crazy nice. If you scroll through the gallery below, you'll see that a good majority are with the Batis. Actually, 22 of the 26 images on this page were taken with it, including the header image.

I did take a handful of images with the Loxia, not represented here. I love how it renders, but I was more drawn to the Batis. For a couple examples below, the 4th image from the top (head on bow) and sweeping view of the dock (10th image) were both the Loxia 21mm. The last two images are the Sony RX1R II with the Sonnar 35mm.

I do see use of the Loxia increasing - but I think it will be in the kit as a more specialized lens. For general walking around, I like having the Sony A7R II with the Zeiss Batis 85 on one shoulder, and the Sony RX1R II with the Zeiss Sonnar 35 on the other. All in all, I am very pleased with this kit.

All images processed with the Rebecca Lily Pro Set IV.