Death to Social Media

Last month I mentioned that my 6-month detox update was slipping, so this past month I have been doubling down with my personal social accounts, dumbing down the phone, and getting back onto my natural foods eating. So, here's a quick update on each. 


Death to Social Media

For my personal accounts, only Instagram (@zen.bones) was left and I have officially put it on hiatus. I removed all but 12 of my favorite images from the stream and essentially shut it down to turn it into an archive/gallery. I removed links to the site from here, my email signature, business cards and other related places. UPDATE: As of September 5, this account is also now deleted.

The Instagram account I use for Physical Grain (@physicalgrain) is still up, but only updated on Tuesday mornings and really just one-way communication. I haven't been looking at the home feed or interactions. Just a hit-n-run each week.

My Twitter account (the @zen_bones one) had been muted for several months, but I went through last week and officially deleted it. This just leaves my @physicalgrain account up there, which is updated every Tuesday morning with a link to the latest grain on the Physical Grain website. This one has also become primarily one-directional communication to promote the artist of the week.

Also, all SALT social media has been removed as of mid-July. That was more of a midnight operation to remove them - and frankly don't think anyone noticed. It was proving a mere 0.5 to 1% of all traffic to the SALT website. The audience to SALT is fairly specific and isn't a big social media crowd. 

If I didn't feel the need to push Physical Grain through those channels, I think all social media would be dead for me right now, especially in this political climate. So, for now the Physical Grain social media accounts will still in place as push-only platforms.

Dumber Phone

While not on the super dumb Punkt phone right now, I am also not on a proper smart phone anymore. I gave up the Nexus 6p and I switched over to my 4+ year old Blackberry Q10.  Yes, really. I have not installed any apps on it (which it'd struggle to run anyhow) and have it for texting and phone calls only.  I opted for this one as I do like the physical keyboard, the super tiny size, and the limiting use. The main 2 things it has over the Punkt are the full QWERTY keyboard and the ability to MMS. That's really it. I use it so little that the battery lasts a few days with each charge and using about 250MB a month in total data and about 2 minutes talk time.

To see my reasoning on why the dumb(ish) phone you can see this post.

Clean Eating

Finally, I am a couple weeks back into clean eating. Man, it really got away from me the last couple months and noticed as my clothes were getting a bit snug, but back on task now. I am fully back on the plan I outlined at the bottom of this post and it feels amazing.

My shopping consists of hitting the produce isle, hard (75% of the food) and then grabbing a couple meats and a couple grains. That's really it in the grocery store. And more often then not now, we are getting everything from just the Farmer's Markets around the state.

Last weekend we picked up some amazing duck eggs and a car-load of delicious fresh produce.

So, this is where I stand as August comes to a close and for the foreseeable future. It's really a great feeling to be so unplugged from it all. I should clarify, unplugged, but not uninformed. I do still catch a few minutes of news each morning to keep track of the crazy in my country, but in no way obsessing over the news. I did originally plan to get back onto Instagram and Twitter, but having been away now for quite a while, I no longer see the draw nor do I feel the pull.

Hopefully, no more relapses.