Dedicated Devices with Style

My old cellphone really did it all with its mind-boggling massive array of installed apps which allowed me text, surf the web, read books, play games, take photos, play music and so much more. But, I have to admit, I have always been a fan of well designed dedicated devices - things with a single purpose in life that just do it right. Some of these are analog, some are digital. But all have a function which is elegant in design and use.

So, below is my list of things that can easily be apps (and ironically adds more things in my life), but I chose them for their single purpose.

 Simplicity - Board Games

Reading - Kindle Voyage

Perhaps my most used device in my possession is my Kindle Voyage. Aside from a proper paperback, nothing beats reading on an e-Ink display. I believe I have owned each incarnation aside from the newest Oasis (can't justify the new features to cost ratio) as they keep getting better. I've tried the Kindle app on laptops, desktops, iPads, smartphones and so on, but computer screens just don't do it for me to read books.

I read an average of 3 hours a day and really enjoy how I can use this anywhere (mine has 3G so I can purchase new books from anywhere, anytime) and really enjoy the ridiculously long battery life.

Web - Google Pixel Chromebook

Next up is my 2013 Google Pixel Chromebook. Now, granted, I do have other computers I use throughout the day: Microsoft Surface Pro 3 for work stuff and an Apple iMac 27" for photography stuff, but if I am headed to a coffee shop to answer emails and surf the web, the Chromebook is what I choose.

The Pixel was a really well designed machine. Thin, elegant, and always does its job well. As it's a 2013 device, it's really long in the tooth, but it still keeps up with anything out on the market for doing web stuff. (If I were still a coder or a gamer, this would not be the proper device.)

I also have an iPad I use for the office - but it's really a rare occasion that I use it. I still prefer the proper keyboard and dedicated design of the Pixel.

Music - Turntable

I didn't pick this up for a hipster trendy kind of thing, rather, because I have always preferred the sound of proper vinyl. My Elctrohome is by no means high-end or fancy, but is just right when I want to kick back on a Sunday morning with coffee and a handful of albums.

It looks nice and has a decent sound - though I usually plug in my open-back Grado's to really listen.

Talk/Text - Punkt. MP 01

I have talked plenty on the Punkt MP 01 over the last week, so I won't beat a dead horse. But it's just a well designed device dedicated to talking and texting.  End of list.

 Minimal Devices

Camera - Pentax 67

The Pentax 67 is the granddaddy of all my dedicated devices. A huge passion of mine (for those that don't follow the other blog) is photography. I have several other cameras I use, but this is my goto. It only does one thing, but man, it does it so beautifully. If I need a point-n-shoot to have just on me for quick snaps, then I switch to my Sony RX1R II. It gets the job done - much more elegantly than a cellphone currently can.

Games - Cribbage Boards, Puzzles

Finally, games. I was never into games on my cellphone. I would try some out (logic games mostly) but they'd never stay on there for long. Honestly, was never much of a video gamer except for the Atari 2600 back in the early 1980's. I always prefered card games (Like Set-back, Cribbage, Hearts), board games and puzzles. I put this down as "stylish" dedicated device as there are some crazy cool cribbage boards out there, like the one I shot at the top of this page.

Your Dedicated Devices

I plan to update this list as I think of more things I use that could be an app, but I prefer in its dedicated form. If you have one you use that you wish to share, please, drop me an email.

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