Derailed - One Camera, One Lens

So, six months into my One Camera, One Lens, One Preset adventure, I am already turning it on its head with a gear change. I really thought I wanted to focus on the digital side, but each time I head out the door, I grab a film camera. I continue to love the experience and results so much more than the digital side. The latest gem has been the 2006 Voigtlander Bessa R3M "250 Jahre" edition that I picked up on a whim from my buddy, Dan Rubin, this summer.

Honestly, I wasn't looking for another camera to add to my collection and I completely swore off buying anything for a year. We all know how that goes.... When Dan and I were talking, I just knew I needed to have this - especially since it was the first camera he ever sold.

Voigtlander Bessa R3M

As the R3M is a Leica M-Mount rangefinder system, I decided to pair it with the Voigtlander Nokton 1.2/40 Aspherical lens. The lens just came out this year and the reviews have been amazing. I was always a 50mm guy and was a bit weary about shooting 40mm. But I am finding that this is an amazing piece of glass that's super fun to use out on the street (which is a current focus of mine)  and pairs perfectly with the R3M's finder (massive 1:1 finder with 40mm frame lines).

For some quick stats on the camera itself:

  • Voigtlander VM Mount
  • Manual Focus
  • Manual Exposure
  • Center-weighted Meter (EV 1-19)
  • ISO 25-3200
  • Shutter is Mechanical; 1/2000th to 1 Second + bulb, with flash sync at 1/125th second
  • Viewfinder has split image & superimposed rangefinder with brightlines for 40, 50, 75 & 90mm lenses (1x life-size magnification with 37mm baselength)
  • Weight of just 1 lb (430 g)

Stats on the lens are:

  • Aperture range of f/1.2 - 22
  • Angle of view 55°
  • M-Mount
  • Manual Focus
  • Minimum focus of 1.6' (50 cm)
  • Two Aspherical Elements
  • 10 diaphragm blades
  • 8 Elements in 6 Groups
  • Weight a hefty 11.1 oz (315 g)

I have a pile of cameras on my shelf, but every single time I reached for one this summer, it's been the R3M. So I just up and decided, that's it. I am dumping all my gear and the focus is on this. Seriously this time - I think.

Clearing out the Gunk

This week, I sold my Sony A7R II and Zeiss Loxia 50 to a dear and wonderful friend. I also have a couple folks interested in my Pentax 67 with the 2.4 / 105mm setup, though it hasn't sold yet (contact me if interested). Most of the other cameras left on my shelf are either non-functioning display pieces, or little gems that I got for a song and not worth selling. This truly leaves me with just one body and one lens today.

Not much else is going to change from my original game plan (focus on a single body and lens) for the time being. Rather than presets, I'll be using just a couple stocks of my goto film.

And then I win a Camera

Oh, and as all these cameras are leaving my shelf, I have new one (unplanned, of course) entering. I won a contest on Instagram put on by Northeast Photographic and Tap & Dye. It was for a Yashica 124G MF camera and a pile of cool patches. Go figure. It's on the way now, so of course I need to put a few rolls through it for a solid review.