Detox - 6 Month Mark

It's been a while since I have updated where I am with my detox. I kicked it off in January to reduce my home / life of clutter (as well as eat better, exercise more, yadda yadda) and kicked off a digital detox in March to do the same on the digital side of life.  Some areas have been a great success, others not so much. But I wanted to share the good and the bad and not sugar coat anything. First, the successes.

 Sony A7R II + Zeiss Batis 85

De-Clutter 6 Month Analysis

Looking back at the initiative to rid my home of all the excess, it still continues to this day. Success! Things I had decided to remove from my dresser, closet, book shelves, and rooms as a whole have stayed out. Linda and I continue to tackle more areas of the house (most recent, the basement) to keep this mojo flowing. I do find times of weakness, where I just want to go on a shopping spree or to completely redesign a room. One example is a very cool 1960's leather chair I came across in an antique shop. It was screaming 60's - red with a wild pattern and I had to have it. I haggled the price down to $60 from $250 and brought it home. The piece of furniture in its place went straight out to Craig's List - so was an even swap. No new clutter. Oh, I did bring in a new camera though - nothing left in its place. Whoops!

Linda has also gotten the bug and got a ton of items we were holding on to out of the garage and barn. She did a bunch on eBay and a bunch on Craig's List and it's all gone. Another thing that helps is we sometimes dream about moving onto the seacoast into a smaller beach home, so some of this is almost a "staging" to keeping just what we would want to move.  We don't know it'll happen anytime soon, but it keeps us removing the junk from the house - and that's win-win. All in all, we are 6 months in and going really strong with minimizing our home to what we really need.

Digital Detox 4 Month Analysis

I guess I kind of dropped the ball on pieces of this one. The first couple months were really strong with the Punkt dumb phone, the zero nights and weekends with no phone / computer, less TV and so forth. But around May, I have to be honest, I started using my "proper" cellphone pretty regularly again.

My Day

Typical Week Day Breakdown

The SIM card I had in my Punkt expired and I didn't renew the minutes, so I jumped back into my Nexus. I find myself using it too much again, checking email, texts, Instagram and whatnot at all ours of the day. I am thinking I need another long unplug like I did in the winter. I have a trip coming up where I really don't need to be connected, so might try it then. Those 109 hours without a digital screen last winter were simply amazing.

I've been pretty good with the work emails, still checking them at 3 intervals during the day. The schedule I check them now is:

  • 06:00 am - get all the overnight emails addressed
  • 12:30 pm - address all the morning emails
  • 02:45 pm - last check if anything needs addressing before I head home

I just need to re-discipline myself not to check at home before bed (on my phone) as that began to creep back in. There is nothing I need to address at that hour of the evening!

For TV, we still have no cable, satellite or other live TV. Just the Roku with Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. It comes on most nights after dinner and goes off by 09:00 pm. I tend to read in the afternoon when I get home from work, or, jump on the treadmill, play with the dogs, visit with Linda, shoot photos or whatever. I enjoy having quiet afternoons - sometimes just sitting on the porch in silence. I like to have nothing but my Kindle on by 09:00 pm each night and read for an hour or two more.

Food Detox Analysis

This went real downhill after my San Diego trip and when the kids came home from college in May. I was tempted by crap food (read: stuff with a label) and caved, and now there's a bunch in the house. I find I am super weak when it comes to that stuff, and it just needs to be out. But actively working to correct this by returning to my all natural, non-packaged mode of shopping (produce isle, fish & meat isle, end of list). I feel so much better when I am eating things that do not come with a label.

I've been getting this back into gear for just a week now, and not at all there yet. With one or two more summer trips coming up, it'll be a challenge, but I am going to get it done - need to get the healthy food back into me. I can feel it in my sleep pattern, in my grogginess, and so forth when I eat poor food. When I have processed foods and sugars in me, my body is so lethargic (not to mention my shrinking belts that seem to loose holes).

It's so sad that I know it's terrible for me, I know what it'll do to my system... yet, I do it anyhow.

It'll be pretty easy to really kick it into gear when the kids are back in school in late August - because then, there's nothing bad in the house, ever. (Yes, this is more of a will power thing to not eat it in the first place!) As long as I start easing into it, I am good to go.

Hopefully in September, I can come back with an update that everything is back in action. So, those are my failures and successes since I began this process. Not everything is roses, but we'll get there.