Last week, I decided to begin offering limited edition Fine Art Prints on my website. For my inaugural run, I am only offering these prints framed in 1.75" 16x20 black wooden frames with two mat options: 8x10 or 11x14.

The reason for this format? Well, with the prints being limited, I want them to have a certain overall aesthetic, along the lines of how a gallery would display and offer them. 16x20 just feels like a nice size for my work (not overwhelming on the wall, yet not too subtle). And the matting was chosen so you can decide how much or how little "white space" you'd like around the print.

To the right you can see what the 11x14 mat looks like, and above is the 8x10.

These prints will be professionally printed and framed by Richard Photo Lab. If you are in the US or Canada, the lab will ship directly to you.  Anywhere else, I will have them sent to me first, and then I will ship it from my home. US shipping is free, and worldwide is discounted.

Each print is limited to a run of 10 and will be numbered on the back (on the print itself, not on the frame or backing). I am not looking to make a fortune with this adventure, so mark-up is minimal.

Down the road, I may offer more options (with or without framing, download, commercial use and so on) but I am not ready for that step yet. Keep watching for updates to the shop. Starting off with a handful of prints, but plan to add more throughout the year. Drop me a line if there is something specific from my galleries you'd like printed, I actually do most of my sales that way.