To give the Sony RX1R II a little more of a workout, I decided to drive up to Franconia Notch in the White Mountain National Forest in NH. On the way up, I pulled over a few times to grab some scenes that were catching my eyes. 

The first stop was the Blair Bridge in Campton, NH.  It's a cool looking covered bridge that we used to go tubing under when I was in college.  I liked the view of this best from the woods - with that end of foliage colors just tickling the frame.

From there, I continued north into Lincoln, NH where there was this cool little school house that was converted into a shop. I poked around there a bit, then finally continued the adventure.

Eventually, I made it up into the Notch. It was chilly, to say the least.  When I parked at the trailhead, the car was reading 31º F and it was just starting to snow.

I probably hiked for half the morning, just enjoying the quietness. No one else was out here and the trails were just surreal with the snow cover.

Below are the few shots I took while on my adventure this morning. They are all taken on the RX1R II and was using the compressed RAW files. They were all edited with Rebecca's Lightroom Pro Set IV. Mostly just one-click and done for these images.