Carl Zeiss 1.4/85 Review

After such an amazing response to my Carl Zeiss 2/35 review this weekend (and thanks to the article being posted by Carl Zeiss Lenses on Twitter and Facebook), I thought a review of the gorgeous Planar T* 1.4/85 was in line. Though this will by no means be a technical review, it'll be my impressions about using this lens (mainly for portraits). This lens ranks #1 in looks of any piece of glass I have held in my life. But this slice of heaven goes well beyond looks. Of my three CZ lenses in my bag, this is another almost permanent mount on my Nikon D700 (second only to the mind bogglingly amazing CZ 2/35). When I am not using my 2/35, chances are pretty good I am using my 1.4/85. And though I use this mainly for portrait work - don't limit yourself just to that. This is actually quite the versatile lens.

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