Vintage 1955 Summicron (M) 2/50 Collapsible

No, not time for a review. This is just a quick post with a couple samples (SOOC) taken with a vintage 1955 Summicron 50 that I just picked up from KEH. The lens is in pretty nice condition, considering it's age (58 years) and shows just the slightest wear on the chrome. The glass is really clean, even though it was listed as haze/fungus - I strain to see any. Sadly, there are no front or rear caps that came with it - so have a replacement set coming from Amazon. $9 total for the set. As you can see from the images below, it creates some really nice images - nowhere near as sharp as the Summilux wide open - but will step through the other stops to find its various qualities. This is my first collapsible lens and almost forgot to extend it before my first shot!

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