Chamonix 45n-2 Review (Large Format)

Behold the Chamonix 45n-2. After just a few rolls last December on the Graflex Century Grafic (a 2x3 view camera) I was hooked on movements and wanted to progress to the real thing (proper 4x5 view camera). I was working on a 6-month plan to get there. Then I went to play with Johnny and Rebecca this winter in the darkroom and I knew it was time to make the jump to large format. I had been secretly researching large format view cameras for about 6 months and knew I was leaning towards a wood-framed bodies. Functionally, view cameras all do the same basic things. Some have more movements, some have less. But in a nutshell, they are nothing more than a light tight box to carry light from your glass to your sheet of film. Money is well spent in a great lens and a holder that keeps the sheet perfectly flat.

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