Mississippi Delta and Beyond

Last week, I had the extreme pleasure of traveling to Mississippi for a photo-walk (SEWLK 1.0) I co-hosted with the über-talented Ashleigh Coleman. After NEWLK 5.0 on Nantucket Island last spring, Ashleigh and I talked about bringing a version of the walk to the south. An October photo-walk in the picturesque Mississippi Delta...

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Vermont NEWLK

This month marked the 4th bi-annual New England Walk and this adventure took us up to Woodstock and Quechee, VT to catch the New England foliage. For the first time (for many of us) the walk took on a new direction - that being a multi-day event centered around a gorgeous 1850's AirBnB Farmhouse.

The farm was immaculate and looked like an L.L. Bean ad threw up all over every room (in a good way). Of the 13 people on the walk, 7 of us stayed at the farm (well, one outside in her truck). And man, the times there were priceless and have forever more shaped the model of future walks. This was truly a new adventure for all that attended.

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Brooklyn - NYC Walk 2

Once again, I headed to New York City for the 2nd NYCWLK hosted by Johnny and Rebecca Patience. This year I opted to take a train out of Boston with fellow film nuts, Carla and Mike, to the utter annoyance of a woman trying to sleep a few rows behind us. Needless to say, we were accidentally seated on the "no talking" car, so we quickly remedied that where we could be rowdy and ourselves. The ride down with these two was completely wicked and I hope all my trips to the city from now on will go this way.

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