The 50mm Lens

Last weekend while recording the podcast with Cody and Thomas, we were discussing 50mm lenses and our love of them. I knew I owned a bunch of different ones over the years, but didn't realize how many until I started counting them off. Holy crap - I have issues I think. I can't believe the number of 50's I have purchased in the last 10 years (give or take).

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Hasselblad X1D - Hands On Impressions

Today's look at the Hasselblad X1D is just a first impressions look, as I only had the camera in my hands for a few hours Saturday morning. Phil Cohen (the owner of the beautiful beast) and I met at a little coffee shop to talk photography and trade cameras for a walk through town. For the swap, he had my Sony A7R II with the ZEISS Loxia 2/50...

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Republic of Vermont

Nestled on the western edge of the Green Mountain National Forest is the serene town of Goshen, Vermont. Situated high up on Cape Lookoff Mountain is home of Republic of Vermont, a certified organic farm specializing in maple syrup and honey. Raised in New England, I had always been curious about these sugar shacks as they sent a pillar of steam into the sky from their vented roofs, but surprisingly, never got to experience one. (Vermont is the largest producer of maple syrup in the United States.) This winter, I was invited by Ethan to spend a day at the farm with him and Annina to document and learn more about the maple syrup process. No way I was passing this one up - especially so close to the "sugar moon" - the Native American name for the first full moon of spring.

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Format Reflections

I was scrolling through my library last night, looking at images I have captured with various film stocks, cameras, mediums and so on. I decided to pull an image from each format I have used as ones representing my "highlight" shots from them. Maybe not the most technically sound images, or the perfect everything - but if I could show one image from that format and how I feel it should be represented, these are my results and why.

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The Pentax 67 Medium Format Camera (Review)

Originally introduced in 1969 as the Pentax 6x7, this medium format camera (the whole family through the 67ii line, actually) has worked its way into the hearts of many professional and enthusiast photographers over the years; culminating in its current cult status. Or as some would say, it's FAD status. (I'm looking at you, Matthew). I do have to agree, that in the last few months this thing is popping up all over the place on my Twitter feed.

The camera went through several upgrades over the years: the Pentax 6x7 MU in 1979 which offered mirror lock-up, the Pentax 67 in 1989 and finally the Pentax 67ii in 1998. This body was something on my long-watch list, though I didn't think I'd ever own one. But as my eyes began to have a little trouble with the rangefinder patch on the Plaubel Makina 670, I decided this might be a good time to give something else a try.

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New York City

I finally got to give New York City justice with the Plaubel-Makina 670 last weekend during #NYCWLK, an event created and organized by Rebecca & Johnny Patience and Bijan Sabet. As you recall, the first time I took the camera into the city, things didn't turn out as expected. But I knew to use the camera properly this time around. So, here's my quick recap on how the weekend and event went!

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20 Film Cameras for any Budget

Information about the purchase of film cameras are some of the most common requests I get through my blog and Twitter account. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but will cover some of the bodies I've either shot or researched heavily in the past. The prices I indicate below are ballpark and for the most part, body only unless indicated otherwise. Also, this list is only dealing with used film bodies - as I feel that's where there's the most bang for the buck.

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Plaubel-Makina 670 Review

So, after telling you all that I was "done buying cameras forever" with the purchase of the Leica M-A, what did I do but go and buy a medium format camera. This time the 1982 Plaubel-Makina 670. To test this out, I grabbed a dozen rolls of film and headed down to New York City. I know, a little crazy of a gamble taking an untested camera (that I had no working knowledge of), and only this camera, to the city to shoot through $100 of film.

But I was feeling lucky.

And lucky I was not. You see, in my quest to quickly test out the Plaubel-Makina 670 I knew little about, I failed to notice that this bad boy is a DOUBLE-STROKE camera. Without that knowledge, I blew 6 rolls of Fuji Pro 400H.

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Return to Film

Today I received my first set of scans from Richard Photo Lab in California. These scans are my test rolls from the Hasselblad 500c (color shots) and from the 1950 Rolleiflex TLR (B&W shots). The color was Kodak Portra 400 and the B&W was Fuji Neopan 100. I have to say, I am quite impressed with the results!

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