North Atlantic Scallops

Winter scalloping in the North Atlantic ocean is for the salty soul. With whipping winds and subfreezing temperatures, gathering the bounty is a daunting task.

I once again headed out with the F/V Rimrack crew for my favorite catch, scallops. The weather this year was much colder than last year. This time around, we cast off with the raw temperature in the single digits and the wind whipping it right down. The Atlantic was hovering just over freezing.

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The Nice Guy from Rye

It's 4:15am on a bone-chilling spring morning where winter is still holding its icy grip on the partially frozen waters of a small New Hampshire harbor when I arrive at the docks to meet up with Mike Anderson, owner of the 51 foot Novi fishing vessel called the F/V Rimrack. Arriving hours before the typical 9-5 worker hits the snooze button for the first time, Mike is busy firing up the engine and loading supplies with deckhand Brian Flood to set off for the scallop fishing grounds and begin their day. There is no time for chit chat as Mike grabs my hand saying, "We'll talk once we're out of the harbor. Watch your head and don't fall over the side." The next 30 minutes are spent plotting the coordinates for the grounds and navigating the shallow waters of the harbor while filling out the federally mandated log books - both digitally and in quadruplicate on paper.

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