Large Format View Camera Movements

To continue with my adventure into large format photography I will be stepping into the camera movements. I plan to keep this post in practical language, not technical mathematical proofs as those are plentiful on the web. I do want to dig a little into the Scheimpflug Principle and how I use it to guess-and-adjust my focus, but again, I'm not getting nerdy with it. Various large format cameras have various movements. Usually, the studio ones tend to have em all while the others have a selection. It's something to consider if you're in the market for a body. For my Chamonix 45n-2, I selected it based on all the movements on the front standard and the tilt and swing of the rear standard (no rear shift). For the style I shoot, this was meeting my demands. Some cameras will have more or less, depending. What you choose is ultimately dictated by what you're really trying to accomplish.

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